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Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs

Our Vision

" We dream of a world where five-fold teams, in varying spheres of influence,
are operating in their fullness, impacting culture, and actively advancing the Kingdom of God. "

Our Mission

" We endeavor to help five-fold leaders grow into their expanding seats of authority,

by equipping & commissioning them into five-fold teams,
with increasing influence in all spheres of culture & society "

Who We Serve

5 Fold Leaders

  • Apostle
  • Prophet
  • Evangelist
  • Pastor
  • Teacher

7 Mountains of Culture

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Education
  • Business
  • Government
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Media

4 Spheres of Influence

  • Local
  • Regional
  • National
  • Global

Our Values & Beliefs


Revelation - Personal & Corporate
  • We believe that vision is derived from personal and corporate Revelation which complement one another. Your personal vision will fit within what God is doing in a body and ultimately align with His Vision for the Kingdom at large.
  • We value the Vision that God is speaking right now which builds upon what He has previously said. But, we also believe there is also an ongoing and evolving Vision that serves God in our generation and in our time.
  • We believe in continual refinement and staying simple. The most powerful vision is found in the simplicity of the Gospel which was modeled to perfection by Jesus.
  • We believe that God gives Vision for today to bring us to tomorrow. But, tomorrow has its own Vision as well.


  • We believe that many people know what they're not. But, they are not sure who they are.
  • We believe that identity is bigger than the thing you do - it's who you are and who you were made to be.
  • We believe that to receive the freedom to discover what God has put in you, it is necessary to eliminate rigid religious structure.
  • We believe that your individual identity is found in community


  • We believe it is important that people are raw, real, and authentic by laying down the falsehoods of religion and freely expressing who the Lord made them to be at their core.
  • We believe that authentic relationship is found in asking the hard questions within a culture of freedom, exploration, and honor.


Knowing & Being Known
  • We believe that community should create a context where you truly know others and are truly known by them - belonging sprouts from these connections 
  • We believe that fundamentally, we were made for relationship with the Father and one another and growth in the Kingdom is cultivated in community


The Container
  • We believe the most fruit is found in a flexible five-fold structure that embraces relationship, belonging, and real life.
  • We believe in a fluid structure that is yielding enough to house the creativity God has deposited in people without eliminating who they are.
  • We believe that the connective structure of an organization should serve the people - not the other way around.


  • We believe that the full expression of Jesus' leadership example is found in five-fold teams that do life and service together.
  • We believe that the core function of a leader is not to create followers. It is to equip and empower emerging leaders within their sphere of influence.


5-Fold Teams
  • We believe that the Kingdom advances through relationally strategic teams.
  • We believe that five-fold teams are found in local, regional, national, and global expressions that form a living network of Kingdom activity.


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