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The Well Global Alliance


According to numerous prophetic words and evidence in many regards, the wineskin of the church is changing.

To support this shift, The Well Global Alliance was formed to serve 5-fold leaders, on all 7 Mountains, operating in varying degrees of cultural influence.

This pioneering effort serves as a rallying point to equip, empower, and activate individuals, teams, and organizations, to come together and join a unified framework in these rapidly changing times.

We welcome you and hope you will join us as we build community, undergird one another, and passionately advance the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Discover Your Place In The NEw Wineskin

Grow in your Calling > Connect with a Team > Take your Mountain

  leadership

Upstream and downstream leadership is essential for anyone to fully advance and engage their purpose and calling. We are committed to getting you connected!

  Teams

When you know your path and you find others with the same clarity, Spirit-led synergy happens, and amazing things take place. In the end, teamwork really does make the dream work! 


With your identity strong and a committed team behind you, there is nothing left to do except scale your mountain, influence culture, and advance the Kingdom. The world needs what you are carrying!

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Join an upcoming Zoom call where you can talk to leaders and ask your questions!

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The Church Is Leaving the building

5 Fold Leadership > 7 Mountains to Climb > 35 Measures of Influence


Authenticity & Unity. Fellowship & Honor. Partnering & Sharing. Undergirding & Exhortation. Connection & Encouragement. Best days & Worst days. Come as you are. Know and be known...


Flying your fighter jet - Skills, abilities, techniques. methodologies, disciplines. Flying in formation - Team dynamics, new paradigms, pioneering approaches....


You have influence in one or more spheres of culture. To place Kingdom operatives, like yourself, in a position of strength, we provide credentials, commissioning, & covering to all 7 Mountains.  

IN relationship NOT religion

Raw > Real > Authentic

    Vision

Revelation - We believe that vision is derived from personal and corporate Revelation which complement one another. Your personal vision will fit within what God is doing in a body and ultimately align with His Vision for the Kingdom at large. more...

     Identity

Inward - We believe that many people know what they're not, but they are not sure who they are. To receive the freedom to discover what God has put in you, it is necessary to eliminate rigid religious structure. more...

    authenticity

Outward - We believe it is important that people are raw, real, and authentic by laying down the falsehoods of religion and expressing who the Lord made them to be at their core in an environment of freedom, exploration, and honor. more...



 Personal 5-fold Development with seasoned leaders

 Strategy & support for your Mountain of Influence

 Members-only online content, events, & training

 Members-only discussion forums

 Access to the global member directory

 Licensing & Ordination

 Exclusive member discounts on products, training, & events

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